Knitting on the Beach
About Us

Hi friends, my name is Laura, a knitting pattern designer living in North Carolina. I am married and we have one daughter. Our other 'children' are Oreo (Tabby) and Tiger (Maine Coon) and my grandkitten Shadow (Megan's kitten). You may see them in pictures of my patterns. All three are rescue kitties.

When I was teenager, my cousin taught me to knit. After my daughter was born, I traded in my needles and yarn for crayons and children's books. In 2004, I was spending time with my father in the hospital and decided that knitting could be a productive hobby to pass the time. I retrieved my needles again and hoped my fingers would remember this skill from long ago. I started a simple scarf and remembered how gratifying it was to see a skein of yarn transformed into a functional garment. Not only did I enjoy making items for friends and family, I realized that knitting needles are a great conversation starter.

When a yarn shop opened in my town a few years later, I had the opportunity to work part-time as a sales associate. In this position, I enjoyed helping customers and seeing the joy that knitting brought to their lives. After a few months, I began to design my own patterns in an attempt to increase sales at the yarn shop. Through this process, I found that I enjoyed creating new patterns and my designing career was born! "Knitting On The Beach" has combined my love of North Carolina beaches and knitting. There is nothing like relaxing on the beach with knitting needles in your hand!

I hope that you enjoy knitting my patterns as much as I have enjoyed designing them for you. Check back frequently to see my new patterns!!

Blessings, Laura